Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Value-Added Services

EES Consulting does not stop with energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. We have a wide array of add-on services to complement our energy efficiency solutions.

EESy Pass

EES wants your energy savings to stay in your pocket. With the EESy Pass, you do not have to worry about your equipment breaking down unexpectedly. We perform quarterly pro-active maintenance of your equipment so you can have peace of mind.

Energy Procurement

Energy efficiency solutions will save you money by using your energy more effectively. At EES, we want you to save the maximum amount of money possible. With EESy Energy Procurement, we can help you lock in a lower energy rate.

Green Marketing Package

All things being equal, consumers prefer businesses that take steps to reduce their impact on the environment. Going green can encompass a wide variety of activities including energy conservation, energy efficiency, eco-friendly products and renewable energy. The key to obtaining a competitive advantage is marketing. With the EESy Green Marketing Package, we will arm you with a collection of marketing pieces that will help you spread the word to your customers.

Rebate and Incentive Management

There are many programs available nationwide providing incentives to businesses that implement energy efficiency improvements. With EESy Rebate Management, EES takes the leg-work out of finding those rebates and incentives, making saving money on energy an easy and streamlined process.

Waste Management

EES strives to continue to save our clients’ money even after the energy efficiency solutions have been installed. With EESy Waste Management, we help provide waste management solutions that focus on each customer’s particular needs and ensure they make financial sense.


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