Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Hear from the Team

Listen to our team of energy efficiency experts describe the opportunities available through franchising with EES Consulting. To hear from our clients, click here.


Dan Parsley, Founder and President of EES Consulting, describes the benefits of energy efficiency to businesses.

Faisal Nazir, Founder and Chairman of EES Consulting, describes his thought process for founding EES.

Frank Collins of EES Consulting in Central Massachusetts discusses how local businesses have benefited from energy efficiency.

Tom Morelli, EES Consulting Area Developer in Southern New England, discusses the opportunities for franchising in New England.

Elaine Pleshek of EES Consulting in Central Texas describes the many opportunities for businesses to pursue energy efficiency.

David Schwarzbach of EES Consulting in Central and South Austin discusses how Austin businesses can take advantage of the benefits of energy efficiency.

Mark Huth, EES Consulting Area Developed in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, describes the significant opportunities for energy efficiency in the Southeastern United States.

Dan LeVan, Managing Director of EES Consulting in Chattanooga, TN and Dalton, GA, describes the significant results local businesses have seen from energy efficiency.