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With the threat of an energy and water crisis facing the nation, consumers and business owners alike are absorbed with the need to reduce consumption. Not only are business owners facing higher energy costs resulting in tighter margins, but they are also fighting to distinguish themselves from competitors. Since 2006, the number of consumers with the greenest behaviors and attitudes has increased by 7.3 million. This consumer demand for environmentally conscious companies has put pressure on business owners in all industries to reduce their impact on the environment without a negative impact on their bottom-line.

The Opportunity

suppliesWith skyrocketing energy costs and the increasing development of environmentally conscious consumers, business owners are looking for ways to be sustainable and save money on energy. Business owners who work with EES Consulting have seen huge financial savings and avoided enormous amounts of carbon emissions.

EES Consulting’s mission is to build a coordinated network and culture that enables technology for value-based solutions that positively affect People, their Pocketbooks, and our Planet. We do this by using a consultative selling approach versus a product approach like other energy efficiency firms in the marketplace. Our EESy Method focuses on providing customized solutions with a four-year payback or better with a financing through energy savings option.

EES franchise owners are well-placed to meet commercial business owners’ financial and social goals as federal, state and local legislation is being enacted almost daily to address energy conservation.

Franchise News

EES Consulting is PACE-Ready

Elaine Pleshek and David Schwarzbach with Charlene Heydinger, President, Texas PACE Authority, at PACE launch party in April.

Elaine Pleshek and David Schwarzbach with Charlene Heydinger, President, Texas PACE Authority, at PACE launch party in April.

On July 16, the Austin branch of EES Consulting completed training for the ground-breaking energy efficiency program recently spearheaded by Travis County. The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) introduces an innovative financing solution to all types of businesses looking to lower their energy bill. More

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National News

Top 5 Energy Trends to Watch in 2016

Energy efficiency is out; Operational Efficiency in IN (and in a very big way!)

operational efficiency2016 is all about integration; solutions that work together to change processes rather than changing a specific technology or behavior.

The major trends for the coming year indicate that building owners recognize the financial value of measuring and monitoring building performance, and using that data to guide operational strategies and make smarter investments.

While lighting retrofits remain the most popular CapEx investment, this year we’re seeing more businesses – both large and small – developing comprehensive resource management strategies to drive cost savings even further.  With the changing energy grid, rising water prices, and tighter regulations, these growing trends can give savvy companies a real competitive edge and improve their bottom line. Let’s take a closer look:


Save Money on Your Taxes with 179D Deduction

Energy Efficiency Tax DeductionWith tax season quickly approaching, it’s important to identify every opportunity for savings before it’s time to file with Uncle Sam. If your building was built or renovated after 2006, or if you’re planning an energy efficiency upgrade for this year,  you could qualify for a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot! Taking advantage of this deduction can significantly offset the upfront costs associated with implementing energy efficiency measures and improve cash flow.


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