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rebate real

You bet! In fact, EES clients received nearly $350,000 in utility incentives in 2015!

utilities pay

It sounds counterintuitive – why would a company pay you to use less of it’s product? Wouldn’t they be losing money? The answer is no. It’s incredibly expensive and extremely difficult for utility companies to build new infrastructure. It’s much cheaper for them to pay you to reduce your consumption.

New infrastructure can cost billions of dollars and take years to be approved. A more cost effective way to sustain the electricity grids and “keep the lights on” is to reduce energy consumption. By adding a very small fee to customers’ bills, utilities able to fund these incentives, so you’ve actually been paying for your rebate all along!

savings real

Our energy-saving projects are independently verified by your utility company both before and after the upgrade.  An energy efficiency expert from the utility company reviews each one of our proposals to validate our recommended solutions and projected savings prior to the installation. Upon completion, the utility conducts a final on-site inspection before issuing their rebate payment

more work

Absolutely not. In fact, an energy efficiency upgrade will reduce your maintenance needs, decrease the frequency of maintenance repairs, and eliminate a significant portion of your maintenance costs. Energy efficient technology is built to be sustainable, meaning products are built to last longer, which keeps waste out of the landfill.

For example, LED lights don’t use ballasts and they last an average of 50,000 hours or more – thats 12-20 years for most buildings! Plus, our HVAC and refrigeration upgrades include intelligent controls, which make it easier for you to diagnose problems and will alert you if something goes wrong. Not only do these controls reduce your energy bill, they also give you the ability to prevent equipment malfunction and shut down the system when failure is imminent, extending the life of your existing equipment.

own electrician

EES Consulting specializes in rebate management. Utility rebates can cover up to 40% of your upgrade, but the process is very complicated as the rules change based on utility company, building size, solution, etc. Most contractors don’t have the resources or time to apply for custom rebates. EES has a direct relationship with the utility company and manages the process so that you get the highest rebate possible.

why ees

We’re more than just lights!

EES Consulting provides turnkey energy efficiency solutions, handling the assessment, installation, rebate management, and maintenance.  We take a whole-building approach rather than focusing on a particular product or solution. While we keep costs low through factory-direct pricing, we are product and vendor neutral and develop energy-saving solutions based on the unique needs of your business and building.

Our portfolio of efficiency solutions includes more than just technology and equipment upgrades. We offer a wide array of additional services that maximize your energy savings and help to save you even more money.  Read more about additional services here >

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