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June 23, 2015- EES Plant Tour of Hunt and Hunt

Hosted by: Hunt and Hunt and Greater Houston Manufacturers Association

Are your energy costs putting pressure on your bottom line? Come to a plant tour of Hunt and Hunt on Tuesday, June 23 from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM and learn how energy efficiency can positively affect your manufacturing facility’s operations.

Hunt and Hunt was experiencing extreme temperatures on its machine shop work floor at least six months of the year in its southwest Houston facility. Interested but doubtful of the benefits and cost savings of energy efficiency technologies, Hunt and Hunt invited EES Consulting to assess their particular needs and the energy efficiency characteristics of their building envelope, as well as advise them on applicable state and federal rebates and tax incentives to defray the costs of the retrofit. EES’ customized solutions consisted of energy efficient lighting, window film, cool roof and wall coating and power factor correction. The resulting change in physical and fiscal conditions were impressive: More than $20,000 in tax cuts and rebates and increased comfort for employees that led to increased productivity on the machine shop floor.

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