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EES Consulting in Chattanooga, TN delivers customized energy and waste solutions to commercial and industrial clients that produce a minimum ROI of 25%. A distinguishing factor about EES is our commitment to developing long-term relationships with clients by adding energy-related value to their business now and in the future. The initial meeting seeks to clearly understand the customer’s needs, desires and goals. Often, a facility walk-through occurs and potential strategies are discussed.

EES Consulting’s turn-key process starts with an Assessment of the building and how the business interacts with the facility, resulting in actionable projects that can be readily implemented. EES is product agnostic and bids out solution providers for recommendations so pricing is competitive and solid!

The Implementation phase bundles or parcels individual solutions. Pre-construction meetings build expectations and are structured with clear deliverables outlined using a GANTT chart. Weekly communication occurs once projects begin to keep information disbursed. Minimal disruption to business operations is a top priority during implementation.

Guarantees include product and service warranties. EES also performs a 6 and/or 12 month review of savings and provides options of O&M or monitoring contracts outsourced to EES, EESy PASS. Tax benefits and other incentives and often available for eligible businesses and in some cases, cover a large portion of the project’s costs. Financing is available, including compliant structures that exist for U.S. GAAP and IAS reporting entities. Terms are notably competitive.

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Facts about EES

10-30% of Costs Covered by Utility Rebates

25-30% of Costs Covered by Federal and State Incentives

1-2% Financing for up to 100% of Project Cost

1-4 Year Paybacks


Hear From Our Clients

I am very pleased with the results of the project EES Consulting did at Medical Park One, Three and Jarnigan. The energy savings were even better than the projections from the assessment. They completed the project quickly and were very professional. I will definitely work with them again in the future.
We are very pleased with the utility cost savings we have realized in the lighting projects that EES Consulting did for us. The energy savings lined up with their projections, the lighting on our sales floor is significantly better than before and the quality of workmanship was exceptional. I look forward to working with EES again in the future.
Working with Berry & Hunt, EES Consulting proposed a lighting retrofit for CitiPark Garage that would not only enhance the brightness and security of the facility but it would also provide the owner with a very quick return on its investment. With a 90% ROI, this lighting retrofit is expected to achieve a payback in just under one year. Electricity usage is expected to be reduced by over 60% and the market value of the property has increased by $180,000. The carbon footprint reduction is equivalent to 215,000 pounds per year. Berry & Hunt is well pleased with its participation with EES Consulting.
They earned the business by coming in and doing the evaluations and helping us to see what options would work the best for us. Those options allowed us to accomplish our personal and corporate goals.
Our company has utilized EES for several projects. EES has exceeded our expexations in every phase of the process. The EES team keeps us informed, the installations are professional and timely completed, and results are outstanding.