Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Our Team

Our team

Frank Collins
Regional President

Frank is a passionate environmentalist who brings 30 years of industry experience to EES Consulting. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Maine in Orono and his MBA from Babson College.  He is laser focused on customer needs and is known for his customer support, enabling him to engage in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. His experience in tech design and support give him the ability to communicate complex technical ideas in simple to understand language.

Frank is dedicated to community service and is a lifetime advocate for recycling and carbon footprint reduction, a ten-year Board of Directors and coach for youth sports and a Member of the Masons. He has deep local roots in the Massachusetts business community and believes that there is a huge opportunity for businesses in Massachusetts to conserve energy and save money at the same time.

Jason Burgess
Director of Operations

Prior to joining EES Consulting, Jason managed the completion of a $30 million HVAC pipe replacement and lobby renovation projects within occupied high rise buildings. The majority of his career was devoted to custom building, lending him a deep appreciation for high quality work as well as a focus on customer service. His experience overseeing large, complex construction projects, coupled with his attention to detail, lends him the experience necessary to provide high quality work to EES Consulting’s clients.

Jason received his B.S. in Construction Technology from Fitchburg State College and is also a maker of fine quality furniture, affording him an understanding of the importance of quality in everything he does. He is also a Massachusetts Licensed Construction Supervisor.

Sarah Zall
Marketing Manager

Sarah is both a marketing manager and office manager who handles everything from blogging to bookkeeping.  Her dual role allows her to incorporate her organizational, managerial, and customer service skills with her strong passion for sustainability. As a marketing manager, Sarah  develops content, organizes events, and assists clients with launching their green marketing initiative. As an office manager, Sarah oversees the day-to-day operations of the EES Consulting office in Marlborough, MA, and provides support for sales and project management. Sarah received a B.A. in International Affairs and Anthropology and a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder.