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Chicago has many names…The Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City and The City That Works, just to name a few. It’s known for being a leader in innovation, from reversing the flow of the Chicago River, to the construction of the world’s first skyscraper in 1885, to the splitting of the first atom, Chicago influences the world. In fact, technologies exhibited at the Chicago’s World Fair 1893, including the introduction of the fluorescent light bulb and the automatic dishwasher, changed the way we live our lives today.

But it was the success of the AC power that lit the Chicago World’s Fair that helped determine the standard that today powers the world. We all love the convenience and benefits electricity has brought to our lives. Yet, it seems that the cost of electricity and other utilities continues to rise. Businesses and consumers are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs, without sacrificing benefits. That’s where we can help.

Simply put, EES Consulting helps its customers reduce energy consumption and costs associated with the energy they use. Our holistic approach identifies areas of opportunity for savings, quantifies those savings and recommends solutions that provide rapid returns. We also provide turn-key implementation services to ensure returns are quickly realized. We manage the entire process from assessment through project completion, including applying for rebates and incentives, and offering financing options.

We look forward to helping you take the “EESy” path to energy savings. Whether lighting, HVAC, solar, refrigeration, waste management or water conservation, we can tailor a strategy for energy reduction and cost savings that provides you with greener, more energy-efficient buildings, while enjoying improved cash flow.

I invite you to contact me at for more information or a free consultation. See how EESy it is to go green and save green.

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National News

Top 5 Energy Trends to Watch in 2016

Energy efficiency is out; Operational Efficiency in IN (and in a very big way!)

operational efficiency2016 is all about integration; solutions that work together to change processes rather than changing a specific technology or behavior.

The major trends for the coming year indicate that building owners recognize the financial value of measuring and monitoring building performance, and using that data to guide operational strategies and make smarter investments.

While lighting retrofits remain the most popular CapEx investment, this year we’re seeing more businesses – both large and small – developing comprehensive resource management strategies to drive cost savings even further.  With the changing energy grid, rising water prices, and tighter regulations, these growing trends can give savvy companies a real competitive edge and improve their bottom line. Let’s take a closer look:


Save Money on Your Taxes with 179D Deduction

Energy Efficiency Tax DeductionWith tax season quickly approaching, it’s important to identify every opportunity for savings before it’s time to file with Uncle Sam. If your building was built or renovated after 2006, or if you’re planning an energy efficiency upgrade for this year,  you could qualify for a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot! Taking advantage of this deduction can significantly offset the upfront costs associated with implementing energy efficiency measures and improve cash flow.



Facts about EES

Projects can often be financed with savings generated

We find incentives others typically don’t

Rapid returns…4 years or less


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I do believe that EES can come in and make just about any building better even if it’s just through lighting, HVAC, coatings, etcetera.