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EES Consulting is PACE-Ready

Elaine Pleshek and David Schwarzbach with Charlene Heydinger, President, Texas PACE Authority, at PACE launch party in April.

Elaine Pleshek and David Schwarzbach with Charlene Heydinger, President, Texas PACE Authority, at PACE launch party in April.

On July 16, the Austin branch of EES Consulting completed training for the ground-breaking energy efficiency program recently spearheaded by Travis County. The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) introduces an innovative financing solution to all types of businesses looking to lower their energy bill. More

How I Turned Another Annoying Fee on My Utility Bill Into a Business I Love

Virtually all of us pay it; very few of us notice it. It shows up like clockwork every month More

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Green ChristmasChristmas Tree
Just like the ones our clients are enjoying now
Where the L.E.D.’s glisten
And their employees listen
To customers exclaiming about the glow

I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas
With every energy assessment we write
May your energy bills be low and light
And may all your Christmases be Green – the new white!


How EES Consulting Coaches Franchisees to Success

Franchise Sales Blog Post 12.16.14- KNDo you dream of starting your own business and becoming your own boss? Many people aspire towards the financial freedom offered by becoming an independent business owner but assuming all of the risks associated with that freedom can make even the most confident entrepreneur wary.


How to Finance Your Energy Efficiency Franchise- It’s EESy!

Money Tree 12.5.14

So you know you want to buy a franchise but you don’t know how to finance it? There are plenty of options available to help you become your own boss. Becoming a leader in energy efficiency doesn’t have to just be a dream once you learn about your financing options. Your 401(k), IRA or other qualified retirement account can be the key to financing the purchase and start-up of your energy efficiency franchise. 401(k)/IRA rollover funding, also called “ROBS”, or Rollover for Business Start-ups, allows you to utilize the full potential of your existing retirement accounts, which enables you to eliminate or reduce the need for additional loans and provides the cash necessary to get your new business up and running.

  • Pay yourself a salary from the start
  • Secure funding fast – typically 2 to 3 weeks or less
  • Your credit score has no bearing on the process
  • Gain cash flow and build equity right away
  • Accrue no debt, no loan payments
  • Tax deferred and penalty-free


Why Invest in an Energy Efficiency Franchise?

EES Consulting Founder and Chairman. Faisal Nazir.

EES Consulting Founder and Chairman. Faisal Nazir.

Founder and Chairman of EES Consulting, Faisal Nazir, is the type of person you want as a franchisor when you are a potential franchisee. His experience as a franchisee for Shell Oil Company for nine years helps him put himself in the shoes of the franchisees. His view from both sides manner of running a business lends him the knowledge and expertise necessary to run the franchise development side of EES Consulting very successfully. Faisal has plenty of advice to offer potential franchisees, especially those considering an energy efficiency franchise.


Electric Rates Are Soaring in New England and Why I Love It!

Over the past two months, New England utilities have announced staggering rate increases for electricity in 2015 and I love it! More

EES Consulting Welcomes Four New Members to the Team

EES franchisees at EES Consulting's 2nd Annual e-ZEE Conference

EES franchisees at EES Consulting’s 2nd Annual e-ZEE Conference.

EES Consulting is thrilled to announce the addition of two new franchisees, an area developer and a new franchisee support team member. EES is quickly growing and we know  these four new members will be fantastic additions to the team. More