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Lower Operating Expenses: How to Improve Your ROI on Energy Efficiency

Getting the Most Return-On-Investment from Energy EfficiencyAs energy prices continue to rise 3 to 28%, many business owners are looking for ways to cut costs and improve profits permanently. Making your business energy efficient could dramatically cut down on your utilities. Most buildings can benefit from energy efficiency improvements but there are certain things that can improve your return-on-investment. Here are four simple ways to look for and receive the highest return-on-investment from energy efficiency improvements.


Running Out of Time with TVA EnergyRight Incentives

4.27.15- Facebook- TVA IncentivesTVA has announced that industrial projects must be completed before July 31, 2015 to qualify for 2015 incentives. The completion date is quickly approaching, therefore industrial customer applications will not be accepted after 11:59 PM on Thursday, April 30.


EES Consulting Awarded EPA Certificate of Partnership

SED, Inc d.b.a.EES Consulting has been awarded the EPA Certificate of Partnership. The United States Environmental Protection Agency Combined Heat and Power partnership recognizes EES Consulting’s efforts to improve the environmental performance of the United States energy supply system by supporting combined heat and power solutions.


Come Visit Our Booth at the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce Expo

Have you ever thought, ‘there has to be a less expensive way to run this business?‘. THERE IS!  Stop by the EES Consulting booth no. 415 or 507 to learn how you can save 20-60% on on your utility bills. EES is awarding new customers up to  $500 off of an energy efficiency assessment (the equivalent of 8 engineering hours)! All you need to do is pick up your Expo Oasis card for redemption and schedule a free – no commitment walk through.


EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ is the right path for Tennessee’s future

EES_Article Times Free PressThis post was originally published in Chattanooga Times Free Press.

by Daniel LeVan
March 1, 2015

As a Tennessee business owner, I understand that clean, renewable sources of energy are essential to the short- and long-term sustainability of our communities. It is reasonable and feasible to envision an economy in which energy is abundant, clean and delivered in ways that foster economic growth without compromising either our environment or public health.

The Clean Power Plan proposed by EPA is good for Tennessee. Robert Martineau, our commissioner of Environment and Conservation, released for public comment last December his department’s views on the draft standards proposed for our state. Although the science and engineering issues are technical, the document is thorough and, I believe, a well-balanced response.


EES Consulting Celebrates Office Opening in Chattanooga, TN

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Manufacturing Facilities Are Gold Mines for Energy Efficiency Savings

This post was originally posted on Business Energy on November 26, 2014 by Matt M. Casey.

Dunlap Industries reduced their energy consumption by 38% through energy efficiency.

Dunlap Industries reduced their energy consumption by 38% through energy efficiency.


The Ways of Warehouses and Other Large Facilities 
Assessing industrial and commercial spaces for efficiency upgrades

Like many business leaders, Robert Kwasnik, president of Tennessee-based Dunlap Industries, wants his business to use natural resources more efficiently. Beyond the business case, and beyond his belief that the country’s politics have tilted in a direction that favors greener solutions, Kwasnik says his taste for energy efficiency came from his Christian faith. “I feel like I am charged by my God to be a good steward of the environment, and it’s just something that I take to heart and take seriously,” he says.

But before Kwasnik could reduce Dunlap’s energy consumption at their manufacturing warehouse, he had to assess it. For that, he spoke with EES (Energy Efficiency & Sustainability) Consulting. Dunlap is a manufacturer and distributor of zippers, thread, hook, loop and related textile trim.