Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Tiny Boxwoods

Customized Solution

A boutique café in Houston, TX was facing increasing rising energy costs and knew the time had come to do something about them. The café owners turned to EES Consulting to first assess and then implement energy efficiency solutions. To help them get the most financial benefits, EES designed a customized solution specifically for their needs and managed the rebates and tax incentives to help pay for the project.

EES Consulting’s customized solutions consisted of energy efficient lighting and a cool roof coating. The financial benefits of these solutions were three-pronged, reducing utility costs through kilowatt hour reduction, increasing the lifetime of equipment by reducing the heat load on the HVAC unit and improving the comfort in the restaurant. The less heat that is put into the store whether from lighting, cooking equipment or the heat from the sun; the less work the HVAC unit has to do to cool the restaurant.

Big savings

Prior to the energy efficiency retrofits, this Houston institution was using an average of 29,553 kWh per month, an average cost of $3,270. After the retrofit, the average kWh usage was 22,749 kWh, a 23 percent decrease.

The restaurant has realized nearly $8,000 in annual energy and maintenance savings in just over three years.

While the energy efficiency improvements had a large impact on the café’s energy usage, they also had an impact on their maintenance costs. Now the owners can focus on providing their guests’ an excellent dining experience rather than worrying about replacing the restaurant’s burnt-out lights. The lighting quality and temperature in the café were greatly improved, providing for a higher quality experience for guests and employees alike.

By working with EES Consulting, Tiny Boxwoods was able to reduce costs, improve their bottom line, improve the customer experience and diminish their impact on the environment.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings81,650 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$7,969

Energy Consumption Reduction23%

Carbon Dioxide Reduction194,119 pounds

Payback3.50 years