Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Sugarland Petroleum

Customized Solution

Sugarland Petroleum, an independent convenience store jobber with 30 stores in Houston, TX, was facing tight margins, increasing competition and rising operating costs; a troubling trend for many convenience stores today. To combat these trends, especially related to utilities, Sugarland Petroleum turned to EES Consulting to first assess and then implement energy efficiency solutions in two of their stores. To help them get the most financial benefits, EES designed a customized solution specifically for their needs and managed the rebates and tax incentives to help pay for the project.

EES Consulting’s customized solution consisted of energy efficient lighting and refrigeration retrofits. The financial benefits of these solutions are bilateral, reducing utility costs through kilowatt hour reduction and increasing the lifetime of equipment by reducing the heat load on the HVAC unit. The less heat that is put into the store through equipment output means the less work that the HVAC unit will have to do to keep the building cool.

Big savings

Prior to the energy efficiency retrofits, Sugarland Petroleum was using an average of 25,634 kWh per month in each of their stores. After the retrofit, each store’s average kWh usage was 15,556 kWh, a 39 percent decrease.

Each store saw an average reduction of 48 percent in utility costs and realized over $14,000 in annual savings.

Director of Operations, Hasan Zakaria, was very pleased with EES Consulting’s work and believes the retrofit was well worth the investment.

“They’re honest, hardworking and just a good company to work with,” he said.

Both stores realized a combined energy savings of nearly 78,000 kWh each month, an annual savings of $71,128 and a 48 percent reduction in costs. With these kinds of financial savings, EES estimates that Sugarland Petroleum will recoup its investment in just over two years.

While energy efficiency improvements can have a huge impact on a business’ financials, they also provide other benefits as well. For Sugarland Petroleum, one of the main factors in making the decision to retrofit was curbside appeal. For all the stores, the lighting quality was improved indoors and out, improving safety at night and improving the marketability of the products on the shelves.

“The key factors were the return-on-investment, the energy savings and the overall curbside appeal,” said Zakaria. “It was a win-win situation in all aspects.”

By working with EES Consulting, Sugarland Petroleum was able to reduce costs, improve its bottom line, increase the marketability of their stores, improve the customer experience and diminish their impact on the environment.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings605,010 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$71,128

Energy Consumption Reduction39%

Carbon Footprint Reduction3,509,063 lbs.

Payback2.14 years

Simple ROI47%

They’re honest, hardworking and just a good company to work with.