Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Hunt and Hunt

Customized Solution

Hunt and Hunt, a precision machine shop in Houston, TX, had a very hot manufacturing facility that had gotten increasingly hot throughout the years. They were interested in learning how they could cool the building most efficiently. Hunt and Hunt turned to EES Consulting to assess and then implement energy efficiency solutions. To help them get the most financial benefits, EES designed a customized solution specifically for their needs and managed the rebates and tax incentives to help pay for the project.

EES Consulting’s customized solution consisted of energy efficient lighting, window film, cool roof and wall coating, HVAC retrofit and power factor correction. The financial benefits of these solutions are three-fold, reducing utility costs through kilowatt hour reduction, increasing the lifetime of equipment by reducing the heat load on the HVAC unit and improving the comfort of the building. The less heat that is put into the store through equipment output means the less work that the HVAC unit will have to do to keep the building cool.

Big savings

Prior to the energy efficiency retrofits, Hunt and Hunt was using an average of 181,436 kWh per month. After installing the energy efficiency products, EES Consulting estimated that Hunt and Hunt would realize a 46% reduction in energy consumption, an annual savings of over $95,000.

President, Mike Bowman, has been very pleased with EES Consulting’s work and would invite any business owner to visit his machine shop to see the benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

“I do believe that EES can come in and make just about any building better even if it’s just through lighting, HVAC, coatings, etcetera,” he said.

EES Consulting was able to help Hunt and Hunt pay for the project by managing the available tax incentives, resulting in over $20,000 in tax cuts.

“The tax incentive we got for doing this was considerable,” said Bowman. “The project increased comfort and the guys are more productive so the overall picture is that we are saving quite a bit.”

By working with EES Consulting, Hunt and Hunt was able to improve its bottom line, increase employee productivity and improve the lifetime of the manufacturing equipment.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings1,096,727 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$95,464

Energy Consumption Reduction46%

Carbon Dioxide Reduction2.6 million pounds

Payback3.20 years

Simple ROI31%

I do believe that EES can come in and make just about any building better even if it’s just through lighting, HVAC, coatings, etcetera.