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Hotel Galvez

Customized Solution

Hotel Galvez and Spa, a historic beachfront hotel, has been welcoming guests to Galveston, Texas since 1911. When Steve Cunningham, Complex General Manager of the hotel, and his team began looking into improving the lighting in the Galvez, they were searching for a turn-key solution.

After much trial and error, Steve was introduced to EES Consulting and they were able to provide the turn-key service he was looking for and designed a customized solution including installing high efficiency LED lighting inside and outside the hotel, installing window film in the guest rooms and managing the rebate process. To optimally configure the lighting, EES conducted a photo-metric analysis of the kitchen, laundry, office and engineering areas which reduced installation costs while greatly improving the overall lighting in the common and work areas.

“EES had the best solution from a turn-key standpoint, where they could manage the whole project for us, from ordering to the assessment up through the installation,” said Cunningham.

Big savings

Before the installation, the hotel was using an average of 316,543 kWh each month. After the installation, the hotel’s average kWh usage is 246,081 kWh per month, a reduction of 22% and an annual cost savings of $82,863.

Since the retrofit, Steve and the Hotel Associates have noticed the improved illumination throughout the hotel and he says the guests have too.

“Customers immediately saw the difference and when they heard it was high efficiency LEDs, they were impressed and wanted us to know that that was important to them,” said Cunningham. “Customers, more and more, are thinking green in their buying decisions and when they see something like this, it makes them feel good about where they are spending their money.”

By working with EES Consulting, Hotel Galvez and Spa was able to reduce costs, improve comfort and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings845,541 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$82,863

Energy Consumption Reduction22%

Carbon Dioxide Reduction2,010,237 pounds

Payback1.09 years

Simple ROI91%

The ROI on this project was less than two years so when you can recoup your investment in less than two years, it’s a pretty easy decision to make.

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