Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Gallery Furniture

Customized Solution

Gallery Furniture has always been committed to great customer service and delivering high value for their customers. Their decades-old promise, “Gallery Furniture will save YOU money today,” is just as true in 2015 as in when they opened their doors in 1981. To ensure it stayed that way, Gallery Furniture turned to EES Consulting to perform a complete energy assessment to help them find ways to reduce their sizable energy bills at their flagship store.

In addition to high electric bills, EES learned that Gallery Furniture was facing a maintenance nightmare and that their customer experience was suffering. Lights were constantly burning out. The showroom’s high ceilings and unique configuration made bulb replacement an intrusive and expensive proposition. The poor quality of the light made it difficult to for the customer to see the true colors of the furniture. To address these concerns, EES recommended installation of high efficiency LED lighting fixtures inside the store and the installation of high efficiency metal halide lighting fixtures outside the flagship store.

The benefits of the longer-life LED fixtures were numerous: lower electric consumption, decreased maintenance costs and better product marketability from improved illumination in the showroom.

EES Consulting also helped Gallery Furniture to obtain a tax deduction of nearly $110,000 for Gallery Furniture from their investment in energy efficient lighting.

Big savings

Prior to lighting retrofit, Gallery Furniture consumed an average of 306,958 of electricity each month. After the improvements, the furniture retailer averaged 213,042 kWh per month, a 31% decrease, saving approximately $100,000 annually.

Owner, Jim McIngvale, was very satisfied with EES Consulting’s process.

“They came and worked at night when they wouldn’t disturb the business during the daytime. It couldn’t have been better; I couldn’t give a higher recommendation than to EES,” he said.

Jim considers the energy efficiency a win-win for both his financials and his customers.

“The main thing for us is how the furniture looks to the customers,” said McIngvale. “They won’t think a sofa is beige when actually it’s brown so it’s better for the customers and the electricity bills are a lot lower for us so, again, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

By working with EES Consulting, Gallery Furniture was able to reduce costs, improve the customer experience and reduce their impact on the environment.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings1,126,992 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$103,683

Energy Consumption Reduction31%

Carbon Footprint Reduction2.9 million lbs.

Payback1.19 years

Simple ROI81%

It’s better for the customers and the electricity bills are a lot lower for us so, again, it’s a win-win for everybody.