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Community Emergency Medical Service

Customized Solution

Located in Marlborough, MA, Community EMS has been recognized as a trusted leader in medical transportation services for over 40 years. Community EMS strives to maintain a high standard of excellence when providing care for their patients. In order to fulfill this mission, Community EMS staff must be able to respond in a timely manner.  Therefore, maintenance issues like burnt out lights can create unnecessary stress and cause distractions when the paramedics need to respond quickly. Maintaining exterior fixtures can be a challenge even in the best conditions so when this year’s record snowfall made it nearly impossible to access the lights, owner Paul Jusseaume called in EES Consulting to help.

“Close to half of our exterior lights were out, but we could not reach them because of the huge snow banks.  It was very frustrating and I was beginning to worry about safety issues,” says Jusseaume.

EES Consulting addressed Jusseaume’s concerns by installing high efficiency LED light fixtures that will last 15 years or more. The fixtures are also dark sky compliant, meaning more light is directed towards the ground, which reduces energy consumption and light “spill-over,” so surrounding neighbors are not affected by the new brighter lights. (To learn more about dark sky compliant lighting, click here).

Big Savings

Prior to the lighting retrofit, Community EMS consumed a monthly average of 6,881 kWh. The new energy efficient fixtures have reduced usage by 20 percent and the facility now consumes an average 5,536 kWh each month, resulting in a cost savings of 23 percent.

The biggest savings, however, was the time spent on maintaining the exterior fixtures.

“It’s good to know that we won’t have to worry about this issue for a long time,” says Jusseaume. “The fixtures are great and they give off a lot of light without bothering any of the neighbors.  We’re very happy with the improvements that EES made to our building.”

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings16,135 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$3,550

Energy Consumption Reduction20%

Carbon Footprint Reduction33,768 lbs.

Payback2.33 years

Simple ROI43%

Community EMS Rebate Check Photo

Rebates Covered Up to 40% of Project Costs