Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Butler Floors

Customized Solution

Butler Floors is a locally owned flooring retailer and installation company located in Austin, TX. The business has received excellent reviews from customers for over 17 years, and is highly regarded for their unparalleled service and superior products. To ensure they continue providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience, Butler Floors decided it was time to upgrade the lighting in their showroom and retail space.

“Our lighting had become very dull and we were having problems with bulbs burning out,” says owner Cindy Butler. “We’d replace the bulbs, but we weren’t happy with the light quality and needed a complete overhaul.”

Butler Floors enlisted the help of EES Consulting to fix their maintenance headache and provide a more appropriate lighting solution. Because color rendering is paramount when matching floors with other design elements, EES installed higher wattage LED fixtures with light quality closer to natural daylight.

“The new lighting is more realistic and people respond to it a lot better. Our customers can get a more accurate idea of how our products will look in their home,” says Butler.

Big Savings

In addition to using less energy, the new LED bulbs provide higher quality light and improved light distribution. EES was able to achieve the desired results without adding additional fixtures and increasing upfront project costs.

Butler Floors took full advantage of their utility incentive program and qualified the for the maximum rebate. They are expected to see a payback in just 18 months, with a 60 percent return-on-investment.

Big Impact

The energy efficient lighting will save Butler Floors over 450 kWh of electricity each month, and avoid more than 13,250 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

This is exciting news for the Butler Floors team, who works hard to promote environmental stewardship through their product selection.

“There’s a ‘green’ story behind almost all of our products – even manufacturers using exotic wood are taking steps to reduce their impact,” says Butler. “We are very focused on reducing our carbon footprint and are trying to get all USA-based products in our store. We’re thrilled that our new lights will also help reduce our environmental impact!”

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings5,580 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$1,283

Energy Expense Reduction22%

Carbon Footprint Reduction13,287 lbs.

Payback1.53 years

Simple ROI60%

Butler Floors Showroom

New LEDs provide brighter and more natural light, which helps customers select appropriate products and also saves money for Butler Floors.