Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Borg Design

Customized Solution

Borg Design had recently relocated to a larger space, which they were upgrading to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. They knew proper lighting would be critical for their CNC machinists, but the lighting layout in their new space wasn’t the right fit. According to Borg Design President, Andrew Borg, “there were darker spots and the fluorescent lights never seemed very bright.”

EES Consulting replaced the outdated fluorescent bulbs with new, energy efficient LED fixtures and reconfigured the lighting layout to improve light quality and maximize visibility on the production floor.

“EES designed a whole new layout that improved lighting levels all over the shop and at the specific Machining centers,” says Andrew Borg. “This new lighting makes it so much easier to see the details we need and at the same time, it greatly reduced our electric bill. It’s a great win-win.”

To further improve energy savings, EES installed a Power Factor Correction system, which provides a cleaner, more efficient power supply ideal for manufacturing. This solution reduced the amount of energy wasted during production and will ultimately extend the life of Borg’s state-of-the-art equipment.

Big Savings

The new LED fixtures and Power Factor Correction technology saves more than 81,500 kWh, reducing Borg Design’s annual energy expenses by 35%.

Karl Borg, CEO, has been very pleased with EES Consulting’s work and is happy to report on the savings.

“My analysis of electrical usage for the first couple of months with our new lights verifies an actual significant savings in kilowatts used,” he says.

While the energy efficiency improvements helped decrease operating costs, they also reduced Borg’s environmental impact by eliminating nearly 171,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Borg Design is a third-generation, family-owned business committed to maintaining a superior quality product and supporting their community.  Saving money while also diminishing their environmental impact was a key factor in their decision to work with EES Consulting.

“It’s important for each of us to be good environmental stewards, and we share EES’ commitment to this important cause,” says Karl Borg.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings81,685 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$17,553

Energy Expense Reduction35%

Carbon Footprint Reduction170,949 lbs.

Payback3.62 years

Simple ROI28%

Borg scrap metal recycling

Borg Design strengthens commitment to the environment with new scrap metal recycling program.