Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Our Impact

As the population has grown, the amount of renewable resources such as fossil fuels has decreased, creating a need to reduce our impact on the environment.

Here at EES, we have a commitment to making our planet a better place for us and all of our future generations through energy efficiency. Choosing to implement energy efficiency solutions not only helps create collective impact on the environment but it is also an enormous step towards securing the future of our planet.


1,516,800 Gallons of Gas

4,207,689 Trees

20,370 Metric Tons of CO2

Impact Overview

kWh Savings18,290,940

Dollar Savings$2,218,459.00

Pounds of CO2 Emissions Avoided44,909,027

I do believe that EES can come in and make just about any building better even if it’s just through lighting, HVAC, coatings, etcetera.