Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

About EES

EES Consulting provides turn-key energy efficiency and sustainability solutions based on the principles of building science.

EES specializes in light commercial and industrial businesses in one or two story free-standing buildings without their own sustainability teams. We believe that each building is different and requires a customized set of solutions to reduce their energy consumption, water consumption and waste management expense. EES strives to make energy efficiency manageable for even the smallest of businesses and for that reason, presents solutions with a four-year payback or better.

EES Consulting’s mission is to build a coordinated network and culture that enables technology for value-based solutions that positively affect People, their Pocketbooks, and our Planet.

EES Consulting’s Core Values

Dedicated to always striving for the highest level of integrity and quality in our services and products through a culture of mutual respect.

Committed to always engaging in collaborative teamwork to regularly achieving innovative excellence.

Devoted to providing financially and environmentally responsible solutions so as to improve the sustainability of our communities nationwide.

Faithful to our mission of preserving the resources of children will inherit for a better tomorrow.

Dedicated to always working towards constant growth and continuously raising our standards.

Lighting at EES Headquarters