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Maximize Your Energy Efficiency Potential


8.4.15- Maximize Your Energy Efficiency PotentialSmall business managers know that rising energy costs impact their bottom line, but they often don’t know how to address the problem. Energy efficiency is the single, most cost-effective way to save money on energy. However, small business owners have many competing priorities when it comes to operating their business and energy efficiency investments tend to take a back burner. With a potential for $30 billion worth of annual cost savings across the small business sector, this becomes a costly issue. With the help of EES Consulting’s expertise and experience in energy efficiency, business owners address their energy costs simply and focus on other priorities. 

Small businesses encompass 95 percent of all commercial businesses and account for 47 percent of energy consumption, representing a key market for potential energy savings. According to the Preservation Green Lab, the small business sector consists of 4.4 million small buildings, averaging 8,000 square feet with the potential to save between 27 and 59 percent of current energy consumption. It is no surprise that buildings with high energy intensity coupled with low profit margins (i.e. grocery stores and restaurants) stand to gain the most from energy efficiency measures.

Investments in energy savings have a proportional impact on profitability, especially in food service businesses, with 64 percent of annual energy saving translating to increased profits in food service businesses.

8.4.15- Energy Saved Translates to Increased Profits Chart



According to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), food service businesses represent significant untapped energy efficiency potential with fast food restaurants having the potential to save 45 percent on current consumption with between a 28 and 66 percent rate of return. Alternatively, grocery stores can increase profit by 16 percent just by reducing energy usage by 10 percent.

The key to managing the many moving parts of an energy efficiency program is to hire an energy efficiency expert like EES Consulting to identify the most effective energy-savings measures and then quantify and implement them. Many sites benefit from rebates and tax incentives that help pay for a large portion of the project. Click here to contact EES Consulting to learn how your business’ bottom line will improve with energy efficiency.

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