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Everything You Need to Know About Refrigeration (Slideshare)


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If you’re running a small business, then you’re probably extremely busy.  You want to save money and cut operating costs, but you’re too busy managing the day-to-day operations.  Energy efficiency upgrades may sound great, but who really has the time to figure out the new technology?  We’ve developed our new 2 Minute Technology series for busy business owners just like you. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the major energy efficiency measures so you can decide what’s right for your business.  All it takes is 2 minutes!  Ok, sometimes it takes a little longer, but “three minute technology” just didn’t have the same ring to it.


If you have commercial refrigeration that’s not energy efficient, you’re probably spending a lot of money to keep it running.  Your refrigeration system could be responsible for as much as 60% of your electric bill.  Lighting is often considered the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency, but if you’re running a restaurant, convenience store, or supermarket, then refrigeration is where you should start.


Everything You Need to Know About Refrigeration from Sarah Zall