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How to Engage Employees in Energy Efficiency


7K0A0478Companies of all sizes are committing to reducing their energy usage and carbon footprints. By implementing just a few energy efficiency strategies, business owners can cut down on costs and put a sustainable foot forward. It’s a win-win! For energy efficiency programs to succeed, business owners have to lead the way but the best success will come when the entire team participates. Energy conservation is a team effort.

How do you motivate all of the members of the staff to make energy efficiency part of their everyday routine? Here are four ways to engage employees to reduce energy!

1. Hold an Information Session. Identify what equipment is dominating your energy bill and determine strategies for simple ways to reduce their energy usage. For example, if your lighting is your biggest energy user, one strategy could be to install motion sensors or make sure the lights are turned off at the end of the day. Once you have identified some strategies, institute a company wide information session to explain consumption findings and encourage ideas for even more energy efficiency strategies.

2. Form a Green Team. The Green Team is a group of employees who act as energy champions. They are responsible for improving awareness and finding ways to educate and motivate their colleagues to conserve energy.

3. Offer Incentives. Motivate energy saving behaviors by offering rewards, such as gift cards, to employees who do the most to save energy.

4. Make It Fun. Your employees will be more engaged in the process if it is fun, positive and interesting. You could host an employee competition and recognize the winners at a company-wide lunch.

Saving money on energy can be easy and fun when everyone gets involved. Set the process off right by getting an energy assessment done on your building so you know what is using the most energy and how to most effectively reduce your usage. Click here to contact EES Consulting to schedule an energy assessment for your building.

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