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How to Immediately Reduce Operating Costs


6.4.15- How to Immediately Reduce Your Operating CostsWhen it comes to running a business, efficiency is the name of the game. In all industries, business owners are asking themselves how they can reduce operating costs without sacrificing performance. There are many solutions out there to help businesses save money and one of the simplest, lowest risk and most effective is a lighting retrofit. So how can improving the lighting in your business translate to improved profits, more productive employees and lower operating costs? Keep reading to find out!

Reduced Costs

Simply replacing traditional, inefficient light bulbs with LED lamps or fixtures will cut your energy consumption by 50 percent or more and provide equivalent or better lighting for your business. In fact, when high efficiency LED lights are installed, the illumination improvement is so great that business owners are often times able to eliminate lighting fixtures, achieving even greater savings. LED lights also have much longer lifetimes, over 70,000 hours, significantly reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Improved Productivity

Traditional lighting produces a lot of heat which causes the HVAC system to work harder. LED lights are cool to the touch and release very little heat in comparison. Less heat in the building means the HVAC system will not need to work as hard to cool the space, thereby lowering costs without sacrificing employee comfort. Higher quality LED lighting also provides a brighter, safer, more productive work environment.

Improved Profit

Retailers want their merchandise to stand out to the customer and nothing makes colors “pop” more than LED lighting.  The better the lighting, the more positive the customer experience.  Because LED lighting has a very high color rendering index (CRI), products and displays are more visually appealing to the consumer.  LED lighting also helps businesses to modernize their look and drive incremental traffic by creating a crisp, clean and safe shopping environment.

An LED lighting retrofit can have a positive impact on your bottom line by helping you to cut costs, increase profits and provide a safer, more secure environment for employees and customers alike.  With high ROI’s and rapid paybacks, many businesses today agree that LED lighting retrofits are a great investment.

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