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(Infographic) 9 Convincing Reasons to be Energy Efficient


Header PhotoIf it’s a secret that energy efficiency is one of the best ways to cut costs, increase sales and be kind to the environment all for a low-capital investment, it’s not a very well-kept one! Here at EES Consulting, we strive to help commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes permanently reduce energy costs and after five years of collecting data, we have some pretty interesting information to share. Read on for nine extremely convincing reasons to invest in energy efficiency!

1. Our clients see an average return-on-investment of 58%.

2. The energy efficiency measures implemented by EES clients have avoided 33 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide.

3. That’s equivalent to removing 2,018 cars from the road…

4. or planting 1.8 million trees!

5. We have helped business owners save $1.5 million on their energy bills…

6. and facilitated the paying out of $600,000 in energy efficiency incentives.

7. The average payback of an EES Consulting project is 2.3 years and 46% of projects see a payback of less than two years!

8. More than half of our clients qualify for some some of energy efficiency incentive.

9. All things being equal, 87% of consumers prefer to do business with companies that care about the environment.

5.21.15- 9 Convincing Reasons to be Energy Efficient

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