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Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips for Summer


5.13.15- Eco-Friendly LandscapingAs we become more sustainable and focused on environmental responsibility, business owners are making changes to their buildings to become more energy efficient. There are quite a few solutions that are “no-brainer” solutions that are kind to the environment and save money on energy. Energy efficient lighting, weatherization and building controls are but a few examples. However, many business owners overlook another part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy: landscaping.

Eco-friendly landscaping is not overly expensive and does not need a lot of maintenance. It is quite the contrary as sustainable landscaping tends to cost less and be easier to maintain as time wears on. Here are three easy ways to improve the sustainability of your landscaping.

1. Go Natural: Leave grass clippings on the lawn to use as a natural mulch that will help prevent weed growth and give your landscaping 58% of the nutrients it needs. This practice, called grass cycling, decreases costs, reducing the impact that using chemical fertilizers would cause and lowers the amount of maintenance needed to upkeep the landscape.

2. Collect Rainwater: Collected rainwater is a great way to water your shrubs. Shrubs are an important component of a sustainable landscape because they take up space on the grass and are low maintenance. Since many regions are suffering periods of drought during the summer months, collecting rainwater is a good way to be environmentally friendly and support your community.

3. Think Native: Local plant species have evolved to thrive in your region so it makes sense to incorporate them as the primary feature in your landscaping. By using local plants, you don’t have to worry about how the climate will affect your plants and you will minimize the amount of upkeep necessary to maintain your lawn.

Saving money, lowering maintenance needs and contributing to an eco-friendly work space are very powerful reasons to add landscaping to your sustainability strategy. Click here to contact EES Consulting and find out how you can get a head start on making your business more energy efficient.