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Energy Efficiency Pays for Itself Many Times Over


5.6.15- Energy Efficiency Pays for ItselfIf a stranger walked up to you and pointed to $1,000 on the ground, how would you respond? Would you say, “No thanks, I already have enough money”? If the idea of responding in that manner seems ridiculous, perhaps you should take a look at your utility bills. 

Many companies ignore energy efficiency and leave money on the table. The return on investment for an energy efficiency project is tremendous and risks are minuscule. The premise is simple; installing solutions that use less energy save money.

Consider the example of Hunt’s Mobil, a single-unit convenience store in Marlborough, MA. The owner, Craig Hunt, had been approached many times over about retrofitting his store for energy efficiency but time and time again, he said no because he thought it sounded too good to be true. Eventually Craig decided to take the plunge and invested about $18,000 to install new refrigerator fans and door heaters, as well as energy efficient lighting inside and outside the store. The annual savings he has realized came within $10 of the initial estimate at over $6,800.

That’s less than a three-year payback with an ROI of 37%. Returns of this caliber are not unusual for investments in energy efficiency. There is virtually no risk; unless Craig dramatically changes his energy consumption patterns, he will see almost $600 in savings each month well past the time his investment has been recouped.

With numbers like that, energy efficiency is a “no-brainer”. Click here to contact EES Consulting today to find out how much money you could save by investing in energy efficiency.