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The Biggest Energy Waster in Your Business


Valero Cooler 7.17.14 small-500x334As summer approaches, electricity costs are consistently rising. If your energy bills are through the roof, your refrigeration equipment could be to blame. In businesses such as supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants, refrigeration systems are typically the primary energy user and can account for as much as 60% of your electricity consumption.

Installing energy efficient equipment and controls on your existing equipment could be the difference between high spending and cool savings this summer. Here are three ways you can upgrade your refrigeration equipment and start saving now.

EC Evaporator Fan Motors and Motor Controls: 60-70% Savings
Electronically commutated (EC) evaporator fan motors use less energy and emit less wasted heat into the space, reducing demand on the compressors. Additional savings are achieved when EC motors are combined with motor controls to better manage fan operation. Motor controls ensure fans operate at the optimal speed to maintain proper temperatures while helping to shorten the number and duration of the defrost cycles.

Door Heater Controls: 55% Savings
Door heaters exist to prevent condensation from humidity on cooler and freezer doors. Without controls, door heaters will operate all year long. Installing controls will limit the operation of the heaters to periods of high humidity.

LED Case Lighting: 45% Savings
Lighting inside coolers and freezers adds heat to the space, increasing the amount of refrigeration needed to cool the products. Replacing higher heat emitting fluorescents with LEDs will reduce heat gains and refrigeration demands.

If your business uses refrigeration, installing these simple upgrades will help you reduce energy costs, enhance equipment reliability and improve your bottom line. Click here to contact EES Consulting and find out what you could save by upgrading your refrigeration equipment.