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EES Consulting Welcomes Frank Kessler to the Team

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Frank Kessler, Regional President of the EES Consulting office in Dallas-Fort Worth.

EES Consulting is pleased to announce the newest member of the EES team, Frank Kessler! Kessler’s 30 years of experience in energy conservation in building design make Frank an excellent addition to the team. EES strives to reduce their clients’ energy consumption, water consumption and waste management expense with a four-year payback or better. Frank is excited to join the EES team and continue to utilize his specialized areas of expertise of sustainability and utilization of renewable energy in an entirely new setting.

Frank was recently featured as one of Dallas Business Journal’s People on the Move. He recently sat down with the Marketing Department to discuss his career and his future with EES Consulting.

How did you first learn about EES Consulting?

I conducted my own research into sustainability consulting firms that shared my interests and EES Consulting was a front-runner.

How did you first get into the energy efficiency industry?

I was involved in the design of energy efficient structures since my college architecture school days, have designed LEED projects as a professional Architect and won an award from the AIA for energy conservation in building design.

Before working with EES Consulting, what was the most unusual job you have ever had?

Developing a plan and logistics for the US Corps of Engineers for removing and transporting a multi-million dollar radar dish array from a mountain top in Margarita Island, Venezuela to be transported back to the USA.

What is on your wish list for the next 10 years with EES Consulting?

Expanding the scope of the business nationally and internationally.

What are your top three life highlights?

Marrying my wife, Georgina.

Helping to raise my daughter, Alexandra.

Developing my own successful Architectural practice.


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