Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

(Infographic) The Case for Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency has the potential to save business owners between 25 and 40% on their operating costs while actually improving cash flow. An investment in energy efficiency has many benefits but one of its most compelling benefits is its ability to improve the profitability of a business without incurring additional ongoing costs such as increased inventory, advertising or more sales personnel. 

With a payback of just over two years and a 47% return-on-investment, a multi-location convenience store was able to reduce their energy usage by 39% and save over $71,000 each year.

4.16.15- (Infographic) The Case for Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency improvements have the potential to save businesses thousands of dollars, decrease their negative impact on the environment and position them more favorably in the minds of their customers. It’s a win-win from all angles. Click here to find out more about how EES Consulting can help you customize an energy efficiency solution for your business.