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Gallery Furniture Reduces Energy Usage by 31%


Since 1981, Gallery Furniture has been committed to delivering high value to its customers, with a well-known slogan that has become an enduring promise, “Gallery Furniture will save you money TODAY!”

The furniture store’s energy efficiency retrofit is just another extension of that commitment to great customer service. Mattress Mack, Gallery Furniture’s well-known owner, wanted to address rising energy costs, high maintenance light fixtures and the poor lighting affecting the customers’ ability to see the furniture properly.

While keeping costs manageable is a goal of every business owner, Mack’s main concern was how the furniture would look to the customer. The energy efficiency project was able to meet both goals and reduce the amount of time spent on replacing burnt-out fixtures.

The results of the project have more than exceeded expectations. After only two months, Gallery Furniture noticed a usage reduction of 31%, an estimated savings of approximately $100,000 annually.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings1,126,992 kWh

Annual Dollar Savings$103,683

Energy Consumption Reduction31%

Carbon Footprint Reduction2.9 million lbs.

Payback1.19 years

Simple ROI81%

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