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LED Lighting Holds Sweet Benefits


IMG_0548In today’s competitive environment, businesses must leverage any advantages they have to stand out among the crowd. One of the simplest ways to garner attention is to pledge to improve the local community through energy efficiency. One simple way to stand by that commitment is with high efficiency lighting. Not only will improved lighting reduce your business’ impact on the environment but it will also make your business more attractive to consumers and a more comfortable working environment for employees; all without a major impact on their bottom line.

The benefits of LED lighting are hard to ignore, including cost savings, maintenance savings, improved safety and reduced impact on the environment.

  1. Cost
    LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% in just the first month after upgrading inefficient lighting. While reduction in energy costs is very attractive, many business owners are concerned about the upfront investment of LED lights versus other, less efficient versions. Combining annual energy savings with utility rebates, financing and tax incentives can decrease installation costs, resulting in paybacks in months rather than years.
  2. Maintenance
    LED solutions take 20-25 times longer to burn out than traditional lighting. While you pay more upfront for LED lights, they will last much longer, allowing business owners to worry about making money rather than replacing burnt out lights. Once an LED fixture has been installed it will stay there, working perfectly normally, for years.
  3. Safety
    LED technologies have a high color rendering index (CRI), usually 80+ out of 100, creating a light that is most similar to sunlight. The light from an LED bulb is directional, meaning that the light is focused on the desired area rather than splashing in all directions. This directional lighting wastes less light and improves the safety in parking areas.
  4. Environmental Impact
    Another important benefit of LED lighting is the reduced impact on the environment. Since these technologies do not need to be replaced as often as traditional light bulbs, less manufacturing, packaging and shipping will need to be done to replace already existing lights. LED bulbs also use 25-80% less energy than inefficient lights. According to the Department of Energy, widespread use of LED solutions is expected to save about 348 terawatt hours by 2027, the equivalent of annual electricity output of 44 power plants.

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