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How to Simplify Sustainability in 2015


Simplifying sustainability is easy with the right tools.All small businesses feel the unpleasant effects of rising energy costs as well as the pressure to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. What if there was a way to take away the pressure and simplify your sustainability plan?Luckily, going green is far less complicated than it seems. These simple steps can reduce your business’ impact on the environment and – even better – save you money! Your investors, your community and your employees will thank you for taking the first step towards sustainability.

Replace Outdated Lights
Replacing inefficient bulbs like incandescents or metal halides with more efficient lighting like LEDs is a huge energy saver. The replacements themselves won’t cost you less money to purchase but the benefits far outweigh the investment. Especially when you consider the monetary savings from your utility bill as well as the maintenance savings from replacing light bulbs less often.

Use Lights Sparingly
While LED lights use considerably less energy than older technologies, they do obviously still use some energy. When lights are not in use, this is a waste of your operating income. Turning off unused lights is a very easy way to save energy. Installing occupancy sensors in your building is a great way to help automate the process.

Conserve Water
Water conservation is an important aspect of sustainability. Water is increasingly becoming scarcer across the planet and anything we can do to use less water will help us now and in the future. Installing low-flow faucets and toilets can help you conserve water without even noticing that you are using less.

Optimize HVAC Units
The biggest consumer of energy is typically your heating and air conditioning. Rather than replacing older units, you can retrofit your HVAC unit to help it run more efficiently and sustain the life of our current system.

Implementing these simple steps is a great way to get your sustainability feet wet. You will also find your utility bills decreasing. What could be better?

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