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Utility Companies Have A Problem And They Need You To Solve It

Photo courtesy of Feelart/

Photo courtesy of Feelart/

For years, business owners have heard about utility companies incentivizing their customers for reducing their energy consumption through energy efficiency but have you ever wondered why utility companies even offer these incentives?

It seems like a bad business move; the more energy you use, the more they get paid. Right?


It’s simple math. If you use 50,000 kWh in January and your utility rate is $0.16 per kWh, your utility company would receive $8,000 that month. Now suppose you reduced your energy consumption by 25% (EES Consulting energy efficiency projects save between 25 and 40%.) in March. Your utility company would only receive $6,000 that month. When you couple that with, say, a $10,000 rebate, they’re losing money!

The fact is that growth in business and demand for most markets is more than the electricity generation can handle for some utilities. To build new or add to existing generation plants can cost billions of dollars and take years to get past all of the red tape. A more cost effective way to sustain the electricity grids and “keep the lights on” is to create new ways to help reduce energy consumption. This is where rebates come in. By adding a very small fee to their customers’ utility bills, usually a fraction of a cent in the ancillary charge, they are able to fund these incentives. We are all already paying for these rebates and most of us don’t even know it!

Offering incentives and rebates for reducing demand is the easiest and most cost effective way to keep a utility running.

Rebates are available nationwide. Not taking advantage of them is like throwing money away. We all want to reduce costs; why not get paid to do it?

At EES Consulting, we are experts at maximizing your energy efficiency rebates. We will manage the project from beginning to end so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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