Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving: Reduced Carbon Emissions!


Happy Holidays 12.22.14During the holiday season, we like to take the time to thank our wonderful clients for using EES Consulting to reduce costs, improve profit and help the environment. Everybody benefits from energy efficiency improvements and together we can continue to positively affect People, their Pocketbooks and the Planet. Our clients’ energy efficiency improvements have eliminated over 7,600 tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions, the equivalent of:


10,014,873 kWh saved


$927,176 saved


7,400,000 pounds of coal burned



EES Consulting sincerely thanks you for your contributions to a more sustainable planet and wishes you continued success!

To find out more about how EES Consulting can help you reach your goals to reduce costs while benefiting the planet, visit Our Method.

Happy holidays from EES!