Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

How EES Consulting Coaches Franchisees to Success


Franchise Sales Blog Post 12.16.14- KNDo you dream of starting your own business and becoming your own boss? Many people aspire towards the financial freedom offered by becoming an independent business owner but assuming all of the risks associated with that freedom can make even the most confident entrepreneur wary.

Many of these would-be entrepreneurs turn towards franchising to achieve their goals without assuming all of the risks on their own. Opening an EES Consulting franchise can help assuage some of the fears of a first-time business owner and offer much need support in launching their business. The proven business model, training program and ongoing support help EES Consulting franchise owners use their existing skills to succeed in a brand new market.

The energy efficiency market is booming with trillions of dollars of savings available.  With the threat of an energy and water crisis facing the nation, business owners feel the pressure to reduce their consumption to reduce their ever increasing costs as well as distinguish them from their competitors. EES Consulting franchisees are positioned as industry experts and collaborative partners with the many energy efficiency hungry business owners.

EES Consulting offers many advantages to franchisees including:

  1. A turn-key process of delivering energy efficiency.
  2. A unique, consultative approach to selling versus a product approach.
  3. Proven lead development program.
  4. A way to expand your existing leads and maximize your customer relationships.
  5. Limited product inventory.
  6. A business service franchise company that has yet to be fully realized by any national company.
  7. Unlike businesses that are solely dependent upon one service to survive, EES Consulting has creatively packaged the business opportunity to position the franchise owner as an industry expert and a collaborative partner in saving the client money and energy; a partner who can deploy the appropriate product or service based upon each individual home or office.

To read more on how EES Consulting helps franchise owners find success in the energy efficiency market, visit Open An EES Branch.