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EES Consulting Welcomes Kenny Nelson as VP of Sales

Kenny Nelson, EES Consulting's VP of Sales.

Kenny Nelson, EES Consulting’s VP of Sales.

EES Consulting is pleased to welcome Kenny Nelson to the EES Consulting team in Houston, TX. Kenny brings 20 years of strategic value selling and sales management experience to EES Consulting. His sales experience revolves around multiple technology solutions, a perfect fit with EES Consulting’s turn-key solution process.

Over the last 10 years, he has developed extensive experience selling into the convenience store industry in relation to LED gas price signs. He has built a strong customer network with major oil and gas companies, mid to large-market fuel wholesalers, and retailers across the country within Shell, Exxon, Chevron/Texaco, Phillips66, and Valero.

Kenny was recently featured as one of  Houston Business Journal’s People on the Move. He recently sat down with the Marketing Department to discuss his career and his future with EES Consulting.

How did you end up with EES Consulting?

I learned of EES Consulting through a mutual customer.  I originally set-up discussions about partnering with EES Consulting with my former company where we would have a reciprocal referral program but after speaking with Dan and Faisal, I began to see how I could offer value to my contacts from within the company. Their value proposition is very unique and I know my contacts would benefit greatly from working with EES.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the energy efficiency industry?

I can’t say it’s necessarily a challenge; it’s more of an effort to be made in educating the end customer of how we are differentiated in our approach, especially in the fact we act as a partner rather than a vendor to the end customer.  The only other experience a customer might have in relation to energy efficient efforts is working with a particular product of a specific manufacturer. EES is not pushing any particular product and/or vendor as much as making every effort of reducing energy consumption and costs to the customer.  A customer can rely on us as their energy efficient expert partner to assist in selecting the right match of energy efficient technologies with the specific needs of their individual sites.

What makes EES Consulting unusual?

What I like most about selling energy efficient services with EES Consulting is that it is truly about the customer and not any particular product being pushed.  EES is agnostic when it comes to any particular vendor and/or product in relation to energy efficiency.  EES truly has the customer’s best interest in mind with the main goal of reducing the customer’s permanent operating costs by 25%-40% under a 4 year payback.  In addition to operating more energy efficient, their property value is increased, as well as creating a more comfortable environment for their employees and overall customer experience.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a successful salesperson?

Always have the customer’s best interest in mind and value delivered to their company the main mission. Every sales action should be dictated from a sound, calculated, and educated plan.  Hope is not a strategy. Never say never.