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How to Finance Your Energy Efficiency Franchise- It’s EESy!


Money Tree 12.5.14

So you know you want to buy a franchise but you don’t know how to finance it? There are plenty of options available to help you become your own boss. Becoming a leader in energy efficiency doesn’t have to just be a dream once you learn about your financing options. Your 401(k), IRA or other qualified retirement account can be the key to financing the purchase and start-up of your energy efficiency franchise. 401(k)/IRA rollover funding, also called “ROBS”, or Rollover for Business Start-ups, allows you to utilize the full potential of your existing retirement accounts, which enables you to eliminate or reduce the need for additional loans and provides the cash necessary to get your new business up and running.

  • Pay yourself a salary from the start
  • Secure funding fast – typically 2 to 3 weeks or less
  • Your credit score has no bearing on the process
  • Gain cash flow and build equity right away
  • Accrue no debt, no loan payments
  • Tax deferred and penalty-free

At the forefront of 401(k)/IRA business funding, also known as ROBS, or Rollover for Business Start-ups, Benetrends, Inc. ( has helped more than 10,000 entrepreneurs over the past 30 years with the Rainmaker Plan®.  No other 401(k) funding provider has been in business longer or has the expertise and experience of over 75 professionals dedicated to helping get the franchise funding you need safely, economically and efficiently.

The Rainmaker Plan is designed specifically to help you:

  • Minimize debt
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Stimulate business growth
  • Build equity
  • Take full advantage of tax benefits

The benefits are powerful, yet easy to understand:

  • Invest your retirement funds in your business – without taxes or penalties
  • Use a safe, proven plan based on long-standing provisions of the IRS
  • Use pre-tax dollars to fund your business
  • Gain business equity and an improved cash flow position from the start
  • Can use the funds to receive a salary during start-up
  • Accelerate business profitability by eliminating or reducing interest and debt
  • Secure funding fast – typically in two to three weeks or less
  • Can set aside tax-deductible retirement savings up to $200,000 per year
  • Optimize business equity and value

The following 4 steps illustrate how you can use your existing retirement account to fund your EES Consulting franchise, all with no debt, no taxes and no penalties!

Step 1:  Benetrends will establish a C-corporation for you, ensuring the incorporation process is completed quickly and accurately.  Your corporation will be established in the state where you will conduct business, with additional steps taken if you plan to conduct business in more than one state.  Upon approval of the incorporation, Benetrends will file for your Employer Tax and Retirement Plan ID numbers with the IRS and provide both company bylaws and corporate minutes.  Benetrends will then create a custom retirement plan that best suits your individual company needs, whether it is a Profit Sharing Plan, 401(k) or other plan type.  Your new custom Plan documents will be created stating the corporation is the sponsor of the new Plan.

Step 2:  Upon receipt of your executed documents, Benetrends will review the information with you and provide detailed instructions for opening the corporate and retirement plan bank accounts.  Your Benetrends pension analyst will guide you through the process of rolling over your funds from your existing qualified retirement plan or IRA to you newly created plan.

Step 3:  The Plan is now able to invest in the newly formed C-corporation.  Benetrends will confirm the total dollar amount you are using to invest and calculate the shares of stock the Plan owns in the corporation.  Stock certificates and a Plan book will be prepared and provided.

Step 4:  Your corporation is officially funded and you are ready to purchase your new energy efficiency franchise.  Benetrends will continue to keep you on track with regard to all aspects of Retirement Plan Administration.  After all is said and done, the entire 4-step process normally takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

All energy efficiency franchises are not created equal. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (EES) Consulting franchises offer an exclusive territory in your local community and have little to no competition in the small and mid-sized business market.

If you have always wanted to own your own business have a passion for being a good steward to the environment, find out how you could become an EES Consulting franchise and a leader in the energy efficiency market space by calling EES Consulting at 855-ITS-EESy.