Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Why Invest in an Energy Efficiency Franchise?

EES Consulting Founder and Chairman. Faisal Nazir.

EES Consulting Founder and Chairman. Faisal Nazir.

Founder and Chairman of EES Consulting, Faisal Nazir, is the type of person you want as a franchisor when you are a potential franchisee. His experience as a franchisee for Shell Oil Company for nine years helps him put himself in the shoes of the franchisees. His view from both sides manner of running a business lends him the knowledge and expertise necessary to run the franchise development side of EES Consulting very successfully. Faisal has plenty of advice to offer potential franchisees, especially those considering an energy efficiency franchise.

What value does an energy efficiency franchise provide to the community?

When you tell a business person that they have to make money, it’s like telling a human being they have to breathe. It goes without saying. Energy efficiency is about more than just the financial advantages; the value it provides goes beyond making money. The key question for small businesses is how do you make that money? Does you inside value system align with your outside walk as a business person in the community?

When you say ‘how do you make money’, what do you mean?

What I mean is that when we go into a building and make it energy efficient, yes, we are providing a fast, financial payback for the business owner, but we are doing more than that. We’re affecting the people in that building too; their health, their comfort, their productivity. We are becoming good stewards for the planet. At the end of the day, can we feel good about what we do?

How do you see EES Consulting evolving?

A partnership with EES Consulting is for the long term. We are not selling a product to a customer then moving on and becoming obsolete in a few years. We have developed a business model that will grow with the marketplace. Today we are doing energy efficiency to help offset the energy crisis that we are currently experiencing but tomorrow we will be focusing on a water crisis. Right after energy and water, I believe it will be inside air quality and then renewable energy. Our goal is to establish relationships with our clients that are based on trust. All of these crises happening now and those that will happen in the future have a financial and environmental impact on business owners’ bottom line.

What is the competitive landscape like for EES Consulting?

The EES franchise is not just for today. It’s constantly evolving for tomorrow and for years down the line. The marketplace that we are in is a very high growth industry. Right now, there is very little competition so the first company that comes in and establishes trust within the marketplace will be the leading consultant.

To learn more about how EES Consulting can help you take control of your career and be a good steward to the Earth, visit us online and find out if you have what it takes.