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Electric Rates Are Soaring in New England and Why I Love It!


Over the past two months, New England utilities have announced staggering rate increases for electricity in 2015 and I love it!

National Grid is increasing rates of 37% and 24% respectively, in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Connecticut Light & Power is raising rates 26% and United Illuminating, also in Connecticut, is the champ with a whopping 53% increase.

Source:  National Grid, Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating

Source: National Grid, Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating


That’s painful for businesses – especially those who have long operating hours such as gas stations and convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, furniture stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, to name a few. It adds greatly to their operating costs, lowers profit margins, which means slower growth and less or stagnant hiring.

And, you like this you say? Exactly! Why? Because it means as energy efficiency experts, these market conditions create huge opportunities for us at EES to consult, design and implement comprehensive solutions to help business owners drive down the cost of electricity to an effective rate lower than even before these eye popping rate hikes. And that means more profits and more opportunity to hire more people and grow their businesses – a compelling value proposition.

With over 3,500 franchises available to choose from, very few provide a sustainable competitive advantage in a high growth market. Our position as turnkey solution experts in energy efficiency combined with our client-first, product agnostic approach is the key to success.

Branch offices are currently available in these high potential New England markets. To be part of the EES Consulting success story call us at 855-ITS-EESY to learn more or feel free to contact me, Tom Morelli, Area Developer, directly at or call me at (401) 403-2880.