Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Cool Roof Coating Provides Energy Saving Benefits


Cool Roof Cooling Load Chart 9.19.14-300x200Billiard Factory wanted to eliminate the leaks in the roof of their Stafford, Texas location. Since they were already retrofitting the lighting in their stores, they turned to EES to see what solutions they had for solving this particular problem. EES Consulting recommended applying a cool roof coating to their existing roofing system. Not only would it help with leaks but it would also help save energy; a win, win solution all around.

EES Consulting estimated that the coating would cut down on the cooling load on Billiard Factory’s HVAC system by 45%, a savings of 12,075 BTU/hr. In addition to eliminating leaks and reducing the cooling load; Billiard Factory was able to reduce their energy usage by over 3,500 kWh.

Cool Roof Coating Case Study Table 9.19.14-475x193