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Window Film Improves Bank’s Energy Efficiency


Window Film Case Study Chart_0-300x200Mike Cornett, the President of Texas Citizen’s Bank, wanted to find a way to improve the bank’s energy usage as well as increase the comfort of his employees and customers. EES Consulting conducted an assessment of the Nasa Parkway location and determined that window film would be an excellent solution.

TCB Carbon Reduction-300x222EES Consulting estimated that window film would cut down on energy usage by 16% an annual savings of $1,300 and almost 12,897 kWh. In addition to decreasing the energy usage and utility costs, reducing the heat load on the HVAC unit, and improving employee and customer comfort; Texas Citizens Bank was able to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

“As we had window film put on the first building, we saw immediate results from our energy savings and were able to put the thermostat on a normal temperature. It has helped immensely,” said Mike Cornett of Texas Citizens Bank. Hear Mike’s complete interview:

When your employees are uncomfortable in their offices and your customers are wishing you were more environmentally friendly, take a look at how energy efficiency could benefit your business.