Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

Window Film Helps Improve Energy Efficiency


Metro Savings-Clear-Sech on Right(1)(1)-300x225As energy efficiency and sustainability have become more and more important, business owners are searching for solutions to make their companies more attractive to consumers and a more comfortable working environment for employees; all without a major impact on their bottom line.

One of those solutions is window film. Window film is like sunscreen for your building; it protects your furniture from fading, it keeps your building comfortable, and reduces the heat load on your HVAC unit.

Window film helps reduce utility bills without replacing your windows; it is approximately one-tenth the cost of a glass replacement and it emits fewer pollutants into the environment while reflecting the sun’s rays, providing business owners with energy and cost savings.

There are many benefits besides the cost savings that directly affect your building:

  • Protects your furnishings from fading. When your furnishings last longer, your operating income can be spent on improving sales rather than replacing furniture.
  • Eliminates hotspots. Window film blocks up to 70% of infrared rays that cause heat, keeping your employees and customers cool.
  • Reduces glare. Window film can block up to 60% of glare, improving employee comfort and productivity.
  • Reduces your negative impact on the environment. According to a study by BBMG, 87% of Americans are more likely to buy from companies that commit to environmentally friendly practices.