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Saving Energy This July 4th Weekend


fourth-of-july-picnic-7.3.14-350x242Independence Day is almost here and that means fireworks, time with friends and family and travel. However you’re celebrating this July 4th, consider taking steps to use less energy and reduce the strain on the national grid.

Cook Outside

When planning your festivities this weekend, be sure to plan to use your outdoor grill. (Charcoal and gas are best for the environment). You will enjoy spending the time outside but you’ll also be giving your oven and other heat-releasing appliances are well-deserved break. Your air conditioning unit and your electricity bill will thank you!

Travel Smart

If you’re taking a trip this weekend, be sure to take these steps to prep your house so you’re not paying for unused energy.

  • Don’t cool an empty house: turn up your thermostat to 85 degrees.
  • Keep the sun outside: close blinds and shades to block the sun.
  • Unplug electronics that could be wasting energy.
  • Turn off the lights and small appliances. Your toaster will understand.

Whatever your plans are, stay safe and have fun! Happy 4th of July from EES Consulting!