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LED Lighting Helps Reduce Cooling Costs


BF Monthly Cost Reduction 6.26-400x235Last week’s blog entry covered one of the main benefits of installing LED lights: lighting cost reduction. Did you know that LED fixtures can also reduce the heat load on your HVAC unit? LED lights have many well-publicized benefits such as long lifespan, low energy usage and bright light output but they can also make a difference in your cooling costs.

If your current lighting consists of old technology, you probably know that your lighting costs are too high but those old lights could also be wasting money on your cooling costs! Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent fixtures give off a significant amount of heat and could be contributing to the increased temperature of your building. The warmer your building, the more likely you are to spend more money cooling it, right? What if your lights were only giving off a small amount of heat; an amount too low to register in your overall temperature? How much could you save?

One of our clients had all halogen and fluorescent fixtures in his retail store. His store was so uncomfortable due to the heat output, he had to keep his air conditioner about 10 degrees higher than necessary. We replaced his old fixtures with LED lights and within a month, his utility costs had decreased by 45% just due to his reduced heat load.

If you are still skeptical, check out this video showing one of client’s halogen lights being measured at 300 degrees!

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