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Case Study: LED Lighting Results in 57% Savings in Lighting Costs


Annual Lighting Costs 6.19.14-300x176When you walk into your commercial building, how does it look? If your lights take minutes to fully turn on or you entire facility looks lackluster due to poor lighting, it may be time to consider a lighting upgrade.

BF Project Overview-250x180The idea of spending your company’s hard earned revenue on lighting may cause you to re-examine just how bad your lighting really is. Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the safety of your employees, the quality of your products or services and your business’ efficiency? We have good news; you don’t have to budge on quality, efficiency or safety to upgrade your inefficient lights!

Lighting kWh Usage 6.19.14-300x176Sound too good to be true? One of our clients, a retail store owner, had halogen, metal halide and fluorescent fixtures throughout his store and his warehouse. These inefficient fixtures were costing him over $6,000 annually on lighting alone. EES Consulting replaced all of his fixtures with LED equivalent fixtures and he decreased his costs by over 57% with only a 1.7 year payback!