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Case Study: Simple Ways to Reduce Your Water Consumption


Last week, we talked about the importance of water conservation. It is no secret that water is a hot topic in the United States these days. According to, the US is exposed to water scarcity (a water stress level greater than 40%). As water scarcity increases, utility prices for water will also increase. Below is a case study detailing how to conserve water while also reducing water utility costs.

EES Consulting was able to help a commercial building reduce its water usage by utilizing the following measures:

  • Replace existing water closet flush valves
  • Replace existing Tank Top water closets
  • Replace existing urinal flush valves
  • Retrofit existing lavatory faucets with 0.5 gallons per minute flow restrictors
  • Retrofit existing common area faucets with 1.0 gallons per minute flow restrictors

By implementing these measures, the commercial building in question was able to reduce their water usage by 52%, from 6.1 million gallons/year to 2.9 gallons/year. This reduction resulted in a decreased utility cost of 42% and the project had a payback of only a little over 2 years!

Gallons Of Water Chart-400x276

Water Cost Chart-400x276

Have you thought about how reducing your water usage would benefit your bottom line?