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The Importance of Water Conservation

Photo courtesy of Toa55/

Photo courtesy of Toa55/

Energy efficiency and sustainability have a huge draw; they save you money on energy while reducing your impact on the environment. But is the impact on the environment really that important? Shouldn’t businesses be primarily concerned with increasing operating income and then focus on the environment?

Of course businesses should be concerned about their bottom line; if they are losing money, they won’t stay in business for long. Business should also be concerned with their impact on the environment because their customers certainly are. Here at EES, we believe that we are responsible for reducing our carbon footprint in order to preserve the resources our children will inherit and one of those resources is water. We, as a planet, are facing a water crisis and water conservation is crucial to preserving our fresh water resources especially since our water supplies will continue to diminish while our population grows.

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Next week, we will talk about simple ways to reduce your water consumption.