Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Consulting

16 Ways to Cut Costs in Your Restaurant

Restaurants use up to ten times more energy per square foot than commercial buildings like offices and retail stores. In a business where margins are getting thinner, steadily rising costs can often mean disaster. To be successful, restaurant owners must shave costs wherever they can. In a typical restaurant, refrigeration, lighting and cooling combined represent more than half of total energy consumption, making those systems easy targets for energy savings.

In 16 Ways to Cut Costs in Your Restaurant, you will learn:

  • Which energy intensive systems can be adjusted to easily cut costs,
  • Cost saving tips and strategies for quick payback ways to save energy,
  • High return on investment energy efficient solutions,
  • How refrigeration systems can save money on operating costs,
  • The many benefits of energy efficient lighting,
  • Quick payback ways to optimize your HVAC systems,
  • How to improve the lifetime of your equipment, and
  • Many more ways to cut costs and boost profits in your restaurant.


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